Shopping in Venice is not like shopping in the United States. There are no big
enclosed shopping malls in Venice. Most of the stores are small or are stalls that
line the various streets.
This is a typical street in a shopping
area in Venice. With no trucks
allowed in the city, packages are
delivered on handcarts like the one on
the left front of the picture. The
packages are unloaded from a boat
and then wheeled to the shops by the
person making the delivery.
This is the street, lined with stalls,
leading down from the Rialto
Bridge. Even in Venice, people
walk around talking on cell phones
- see the man in red sweater.
If you go shopping for groceries in Venice, or many other European
cities, instead of going to a supermarket, you go to the local market for
the products you want. Below are pictures of a fruit and vegetable stand
and a fish market.