After I arrived in Venice, I went to
my ship, the Maasdam to check-in
and see my room. It was a lot of fun
to cruise because I only had to
unpack once. When you travel on a
ship, it's as if your hotel travels from
location to location. You get on the
ship one evening and you're in
Greece and the next morning when
you get up, you're in Turkey!
On the ship, the food was very good
and I had many enjoyable dinners with
my tablemates, Dorothy, Marvin, Joan
and Bob.

Every evening there was entertainment
on the ship and there were activities
during the day as well. I had lots of
fun playing trivia with my friends
Rhonda and Don. In the picture on
the right, I'm helping Tod Davidson,
one of the members of the cruise staff
with reading the trivia questions.