Bora Bora
My final stop was Bora Bora, which is only about 20 miles
from Raiatea. Bora Bora consists of a central island
surrounded by a large lagoon and numerous motus, all
within a barrier reef.
In Bora Bora, I had a very memorable
excursion. I was looking for a boat to go
around the island and, on the dock, I met
Olivier, who offered just the excursion that I
was hoping to take. He has a boat that takes
four passengers on a trip around the island
with stops for snorkeling, looking for manta
rays, and a stop on a private motu for snacks
on the beach.
Here's Olivier, in his
wetsuit, feeding the fish.
I asked him why he wore a
wetsuit with the water being
so warm. He said that the
water might be warm for
me, but for him it was
winter and the water was
cooler than it is at other
times of the year.
A view of the coral reef.
Crabs along the shore.
Various views around
the reef, including a
trumpet fish in the
picture on the lower
One of the things to stay away from when you're
snorkeling is a sea urchin (on the right). If you go
snorkeling in Tahiti, it's probably a good idea to wear
reef shoes to provide some protection from sea
urchins, stone fish (that are poisonous), and coral.