While the ship was in Raiatea, a performance of native songs and dances was
presented by the children of the island. The children ranged in age from three
years old to teenagers. They did a great job and the show was very enjoyable.
The second day in Raiatea, I went to
the beach on a motu. The motu was
covered with coconut palm trees.
The coral reef came pretty close to the
motu and the water was quite shallow,
so snorkeling was no problem.
On the left, I'm in a pile of coconuts.
Notice that one in the middle has
sprouted - the start of a new coconut
palm tree.
During our travels around the islands,
my friend Sonja said that she would
climb a coconut tree with me. On the
motu, we finally got our chance.
Sonja located a tree that she thought could be
climbed without risk of too much bodily harm.
Here we are at the top. I can honestly say that I
would not have made it there without her.