Here I am at the Belvedere viewpoint with
Cook's Bay and the ship in the
The weather was great while I was in
Tahiti - temperatures in the mid-80's
during the day and probably around 70 at
night. The water temperatures were in
the low-80's, which was great for
swimming. Although the sun was bright,
I found that using sunscreen everyday
kept me from getting sunburn.
Above, to the left, is a view of Mount Mouaroa as seen from the
Belvedere and, to the right, is Mount Tautuapae.
After we rode around for awhile, we
stopped to go to the beach at the
Sofitel la Ora near Vaiare. The water
there was clear and warm and there
were plenty of lounges set up along
the beach.
The Sofitel had rooms not only
along the beach, but also over the
Here I am, relaxing on the beach.
Below are the lily ponds on the hotel
grounds that I stopped to see.