Although close to Papeete, the population of Moorea is only about
12,000. Moorea was much more of what I expected a tropical
island to be than was Tahiti. Moorea had lush tropical vegetation
and white sand beaches. The view above is Moorea at sunrise.
This is a view of the coastline near the entrance to Cook's
Bay. Moorea is a volcanic island and over time, the rim
of the volcanoes eroded, allowing bays to form.
While I was in Moorea, the
Renaissance 4 anchored in
Cook's Bay. Mount Rotui
(about 900 meters high) is in
the background.
On Moorea, I took a ride around
the island with Sonja and Jeremy,
new friends who I met on the
We drove to the Belvedere where
we had an excellent view of the
island. This is a view of
Opunohu Bay with Mount Rotui
on the right.