In St. Andrews, I visited the Castle,
now a ruin, that was constructed
starting in the 12th century. Not much
of the castle is standing anymore, but
you can still see the "bottle dungeon"
and the mine and countermine that were
dug when the castle was being attacked
in the mid-16th century.
St. Andrew's Cathedral was
founded in 1160 and once was
the largest cathedral in Scotland.
Robert the Bruce stood in the
cathedral when it was
consecrated in 1318.
With the Reformation in the mid-
16th century, the cathedral was
stripped of its riches and left to
decay into ruin.
St. Rule's Tower is all that remains of the first Church in
St. Andrews. From the top, I was able to get a good
view of St. Andrews. The beach that can be seen in the
background, West Beach, was the setting for the scenes
of runners on the beach in the movie, Chariots of Fire.
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I enjoyed this trip to Scotland and, who knows, I
may come back again.