Stockholm, Sweden
The final stop on my journey through Scandinavia was Stockholm, the capital of
Sweden. And, if nothing else, the weather was consistent - more rain. For a
number of years I had travelled and had only an occasional rainy day, but this trip
made up for my previous good fortune.
We arrived in Stockholm by sea, so we cruised through the Stockholm archipelago
for hours. On a rainy, gray day, it was scenic. I could only imagine how beautiful it
would be on a sunny summer day. There are about 24,000 islands in the archipelago
- some are small and unihabited and others have lots of houses, many with saunas.
Ferry boats run among the islands as well as to Stockholm.
As we were approaching Stockholm, I saw a number of tall ships.
The Cutty Sark tall ship race came to Stockholm at the same time that
we did. The ship above is from Mexico. Sailors are on the rigging
working on the sails - a much more active approach to sailing than I
like to take.