Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki was founded in 1550 to compete for sea trade on the Baltic. In
1812, Helsinki became the capital of Finland. Unfortunately, on the day I
was in Helsinki, it was very rainy, so I didn't get a chance to walk around
as much as I would have liked.
I took a boat ride around the harbor in Finland and
this is a view looking back towards the city. The
building with the green roof toward on the left side of
the picture is the Senate building.
Helsinki is quite far north,
so it has a fleet of ice-
breakers that are used to
keep the harbor open in the
Here is another view looking at the Senate
building. There is a market set up on the
dock where fruit, vegetables and fish are
sold. The unique thing about the market
is that early in the afternoon, everything is
taken apart, the area is cleaned and then
the market is set up again. Also, in the
market I bought the tastiest nectarine that I
ever ate.