Oslo, Norway
Oslo is the capital of Norway and there are many interesting things to
see in the city. I found that the most economical way to do things
there was to purchase the Oslo Card. The Oslo Card gives you free
use of all city public transit buses and boats as well as free entry to
all the sights in the city.
To start my trip, I took a ferry boat
from the harbor near Oslo's city hall to
Bygdoy, which is a peninsula where
many museums are located.
The building behind me in the picture
on the left is the city hall. In the
main hall of this building, the Nobel
Peace Prize is awarded each
The first sight I visited was the Viking
Ship Museum. In the picture on the
right, I'm trying to look into one of
the ships.
In the museum are three ships from
the ninth century, which are the best
preserved Viking ships ever found.
These ships were placed in royal
burial mounds to carry the dead to
"the Other World."