The buildings above line one of the main streets of
Stockholm, the Strandvagen. If you want to see the
sights of Stockholm, the inexpensive way to do it is by
getting a Stockholm Card, which gives you free rides
on public transit, free admission to about 70 sights, and
a scenic boat tour.
The building on the left, styled like a
Scandinavian palace is the Nordic
Museum. Its exhibits show how
people in Sweden lived over the past
500 years.
The Skansen, a huge open-air folk
museum is across near the Nordic
Museum, but because of the weather,
I didn't have a chance to visit it.
My last stop in Stockholm was to
see the Vasa. The Vasa sank in
1628, twenty minutes into her
maiden voyage. After 333 years,
marine archaeologists salvaged the
ship and now the Vasa is the best
preserved 17th century ship in any
The Vasa Museum is well-
designed with many viewing
levels and interesting exhibits.
With Stockholm, my trip to Scandinavia ended. I got to see a lot, but there's
still a lot to see. Hopefully, I'll return in the future and get to see its sunny side.
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L.J. Bear
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