The Hermitage
One of the important art galleries of the world is the Hermitage in St.
Petersburg, Russia. The Hermitage was built for Catherine the Great
as a palace and is now used to display works of art. The Hermitage
contains paintings by the Old Masters as well as modern artists.
However, be aware that opposed to most great art museums that are
carefully climate controlled, the art works in the Hermitage do not
enjoy that luxury. Also, if you plan on taking pictures in the
Hermitage, you have to pay a fee to use either a still or video camera.
This slide show has seven pictures of views of the
outside and inside of the Hermitage. There are some
areas in the Hermitage where you are not allowed to use
your flash - and if you do, the guards will let you know
very loudly that you made a mistake.
Hope you enjoyed this brief look at some of St. Petersburg's sights.
If you have any comments or
questions, send an e-mail.
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