Sights around Paris
This is Place St. Michel. In 1871,
citizens battled troops here and set
up barricades like those in the play
Les Miserables. In World War II,
Parisians rose against the Nazis
Here I am visiting with some
gendarmes in front of the Palais du
Justice, the home of France's
Supreme Court. This was also the
headquarters of the revolutionary
government over 200 years ago.
This is the Arc du Carrousel, which
was built in 1806-08. It is located
between the Jardin des Tuilleries
and the Louvre.
The interior of Sainte-Chapelle, which was
built by St. Louis (Louis IX) in the 1240's
in only six years. There are 15 panels of
stained glass here with more than 1,100
scenes from the Bible.