While I was in Paris, I had hoped to visit
the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. However,
when I was there, the towers were
undergoing restoration, so the view of the
front of the cathedral was obstructed. To
the right is a rarely seen view of the back
of Notre-Dame.
Work on Notre-Dame began in 1163,
but it was not completed until 1345.
Although I could not climb to the roof to see
the gargoyles, below are a few of the
gargoyles that are used as rainspouts on the
side of Notre-Dame.
To the left is a final view of Paris - the Eiffel
Tower at dusk. I really enjoyed my visit to
Paris and hope to return someday. There is
still so much more to see and maybe, on my
return, I will have the opportunity to see the
gargoyles on the roof of Notre-Dame.
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