In the Palace of Versailles,
Louis XIV and his successors
spared no expense in making it
beautiful. Works of art not only
cover the walls, but the ceilings
are also covered with paintings.
The Battle Gallery is 120 meters (about 400 feet) long and
13 meters (about 42 feet) wide. It has 33 paintings representing
battles in which French forces distinguished themselves and
82 busts of military men.
Above is a marble doorway
leading to one of the
chambers in the palace.
This is Marie-Antoinette's bedchamber. The canopy over the
bed is so high that I couldn't include it in the picture.
Above is a chandelier and ceiling paintings in the
Peace Salon. To the right is the Hall of Mirrors.
It's about 250 feet long with 17 mirrors matching
17 windows. The paintings on the ceiling
illustrate events in the life of Louis XIV.