Flam is a small town located at the end of the Aurlandsfjord. Most tourists
visit this area to ride on the Flam Railway, which runs between Flam and
A town along the Aurlandsfjord with mountains in the background.
A view of Flam, Norway.
Here I am riding on the Flam Railway in Myrdal. At Myrdal you can
transfer to trains going to Oslo and Bergen. The Flam Railway is about
20 kilometers (12.5 miles) long and climbs about 2,900 feet, including
riding through 20 tunnels.
One of the sights that can be seen
from the train is the Kjos Waterfall.
The train stops here so you can take
a picture.
This is a view of the Flam Valley as seen
from the train and one of the numerous
waterfalls that cascade from the
In the lower portion of the valley, you can see the
Flam Church, which was built in 1667.