A fjord is a steep-sided inlet of the sea that is found in areas that were
covered with glaciers millions of years ago. Fjords also differ from other
types of inlets because they tend to be very deep.
From Bergen, we sailed north along the coast of Norway to the
Sognefjord. The Sognefjord is the world's longest fjord, 125 miles long
and about 4,000 feet deep.
We stopped in Gudvangen, which is a terminus for ferry boats and
sightseeing boats at the end of the Naeroyfjord, an arm of the
Sognefjord. It was a gray and misty day, but I decided to take a hike
in the valley. On the outskirts of Gudvangen, cows were grazing in a
field and they had a good view of waterfalls and cliffs. On the right,
I'm walking along a river that runs through the valley.
Looking down the valley toward Gudvangen, the Renaissance 7 can be
seen anchored in the Naeroyfjord.
Through the mist, a farm appears on the edge of the fjord.
This is a view of the Naeroyfjord and the narrow passages we
have to go through to get back to the Sognefjord.