Christiansand, Norway
Christiansand is a small city on the south coast of Norway that was
founded in 1641 and now is a terminus for boats traveling to Norway
from Denmark and the United Kingdom.
In my opinion, the best sight in Christiansand was the fish market. Here I
am, checking out some crabs. They also had some nice fish and the
biggest lobsters I ever saw.
To the left is the Christiansand cathedral. It is on
the town square and has a bell tower 230 feet high.
Above is the Christainholm fort, which dates from
1672. Some of the walls in the fort are 15 feet
While I was in Christainsand, I took a
bus ride to see some of the countryside.
This was the plushest public transit bus
that I had ever ridden. It was a new
Volvo that even had seatbelts. Here I
am, sitting by the window, watching the
scenery go by.