Aboard the Renaissance 7
The Renaissance 7 was the smallest ship on which I have ever sailed. It only
holds about 110 passengers. Although there was not much in the way of
entertainment on the ship, the food was excellent, the crew was friendly and the
service was superb!
The person who made my trip lots of fun was
Paoli, my cabin stewardess. She and I got
along very well. Since my wardrobe was very
limited, she even made me the outfit I'm
wearing (in the picture on the left).
When I was sitting in my cabin window,
watching the sites, Paoli would bring me
cookies so I wouldn't get hungry. Even when
I was feeling seasick going across the North
Sea, Paoli brought me crackers to make my
stomach feel better. Paoli did a great job to
ensure that I would have a good time on my
As opposed to larger ships on which you rarely see the captain, the Renaissance 7's
captain, Captain Thorn, would often chat with the passengers in the lounge or on the
deck. Here he is with me and Mickey, one of the members of the crew. Captain
Thorn was very prompt, so if you're ever on his ship, make sure you get back on
time or you'll be waving good-bye to the ship from the pier.