Orkney Islands
The Orkney Islands are located about six miles off the north coast of
Scotland. These islands were inhabited since the Stone Age.
This is a view of the headlands near Kirkwall, the capital
of Orkney. The scenery on the island is sheer rock cliffs
and fertile farmlands. While I was riding around the
island, I had to wait as cows walked down the road from
one pasture to another.
The major building in Kirkwall is St.
Magnus Cathedral. Construction of this
building started in 1137. It was built in
alternating stripes of red sandstone and
yellow stone. St. Magnus is buried
below the choir loft.
In the Orkneys, I visited the Ring of Brodgar. From the original
60 stones, 36 remain. The stones are precisely set, six degrees
apart. They date from about 1560 B.C. and are believed to be a
lunar observatory. As opposed to sites like Stonehenge, where
you can look at the stones, at the Ring of Brodgar, you can walk
among the stones.