Shetland Islands
After a rough night of sailing across the
North Sea, we made it to the Shetland
Islands. The islands, a part of Scotland,
are located in the North Sea about
halfway between the east coast of
Scotland and Bergen, Norway.
I guess no stop in the
Shetland Islands would be
complete without visiting a
Shetland pony. Years ago,
Shetland ponies were bred
to work in coal mines.
Now, Shetland ponies lead
a more pleasant life.
While I was in the Shetland Islands, I visited Jarlshof, which is a multi-period
archeological site. This area was occupied for over 3,000 years by seven
distinct civilizations. On the left is an 8th-century wheelhouse, thought to be
family dwellings around a central hearth. In the center, I'm sitting on a passage
leading to the wheelhouse. The ruins on the right are the remains of a medieval
The lighthouse on Sumburgh Head was designed by Robert
Louis Stevenson, whose family designed all the lighthouses on
the Shetland Islands. The landscape of the Shetlands is treeless,
not because of winds, but because of sheep that graze
throughout the islands.