My favorite place to visit in Istanbul
was the Topkapi Palace.
The Topkapi Palace was built by
Mehmet II in 1462 A.D. Every sultan
after him added something to the
palace that became like a royal city.
The Topkapi palace was the home to
all sultans until 1860, a period of about
400 years.
After 1860, the palace was neglected,
until 1923 when it was renovated and
turned into a museum. It is now one of
Istanbul's most popular sights.
The main gate to the Topkapi Palace.
The museum houses numerous excellent collections of porcelain, weapons,
costumes, relics of Mohammed, manuscripts, and jewels. Among the jewels are
the emeralds made famous in the movie Topkapi - three enormous emeralds set
in the handle of a dagger.
With the Topkapi Palace being home to the sultans, skilled artisans
decorated the buildings so they would be well-suited for royalty.
To the left is a ceiling in the reliquarry
and above is the tile work on the
exterior of one of the buildings.