Istanbul is very likely the home to
the world's first enclosed shopping
mall - the Covered Bazaar or the
Grand Bazaar.
The Grand Bazaar occupies a site
that has been a commercial district
for centuries. In 1461 A.D.,
Mehmet II had a covered market
built in this location. Over the
years it suffered from fires and
earthquakes and was reconstructed
many times.
One of the entrances to the Grand
Bazaar is just behind the white van.
Now the Grand Bazaar has more
than 4,000 shops where you can
buy jewelry, dishes, brass goods,
clothing, leather goods and carpets.
Walking through the Grand Bazaar is
quite an experience. The amount of
goods for sale is overwhelming. The
friendly, but persistent merchants are
eager to ask, "What can I sell you
today to make you happy?"
The cafes and restaurants in the Grand
Bazaar probably could be viewed as
the world's first food courts.