After Athens, I visited Navplion on the Peloponnesian peninsula. A major
attraction in Navplion is Fort Palamidi, which is located on a rocky peak above the
village. The fort was built between 1711 and 1714 during the Venetian occupation
of Navplion. Although it was supposed to be difficult to attack, it was captured
by the Turks after only a one week battle.
A view of Fort Palamidi above
Navplion. It was a challenging
walk for a bear from the village
to the fort - hundreds of steps!
This is the path by the fort. The
view is nice, but watch your step.
The fort is surrounded by a protective
wall that towers over the countryside.
It's a long walk back to the Maasdam. I hope
there's a nice cool ice tea and piece of cake
waiting for me when I get back.