On my last day in Australia, I went to the Tjapukai Cultural
Center to learn about the aborigines, the native people of
Australia. I enjoyed the dance theater. One dance was about a
kangaroo hunt. Some dancers played kangaroos and others
played hunters. The music for the dance was played on a
digeridoo and hard sticks that are beat together. The digeridoo
is a musical instrument made out of a 3 to 5 foot piece of hollow
log into which a musician blows.

After the dance, I went to the
demonstration area where a
musician showed how to play
the digeridoo. I had my picture
taken with him. I don't think
too many bears asked to be in a
picture with him. I also found
out how to throw a hunting
spear and make a boomerang
come back to me (sort of).