I have been in Australia for
almost a week and still have
not seen a koala. Maybe
today will be my lucky day.
We"re going to visit a wildlife
park. The first animal I saw
was a wombat.

I was surprised to learn that there are many members of the
kangaroo family. In addition to kangaroos, there are wallabies and

Kangaroos and their relatives are marsupials. Marsupials keep
their babies in pouches. I was curious and wanted to take a close
look at a kangaroo. The kangaroo was curious too and wanted to
take a look at me.

Then I saw a VERY large saltwater
crocodile. He was about 17 feet
long. Crocodiles have lumps on
their backs and tails that help them to
swim without making ripples in the
water. This makes it easier for them
to sneak up on their prey.