Among the birds that we saw were back-legged kittiwakes (above
on the left) and puffins (above on the right). Kittiwakes are
members of the gull family and they live on sheer rock cliffs.
Puffins have parrot-like beaks and come ashore only to nest. They
"fly" through the water by flapping their wings and chase small fish
that make up their diet.
I also saw some bigger animals - humpback whales. Humpback whales eat
mostly plankton and krill. Their primary feeding grounds are in Alaskan
waters and they eat about a ton of food per day.
This humpback whale is diving to get another snack. Adult
humpback whales are about 40 feet long and weigh 30 - 40
tons. They spend about one-third of their lives migrating
from their winter homes in Hawaii or Mexico to their
summer home in Alaska.