For the next part of the trip, we
drove about 120 miles from
Anchorage to Seward. Seward was
founded in 1903. It was named in
honor of William H. Seward,
Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of
State, who negotiated the purchase
of Alaska from Russia.

At Seward, we boarded a boat for a
wildlife cruise of Resurrection Bay
and Kenai Fjords National Park.
On a wildlife cruise, you never
know how much luck you will have
on seeing different types of animals.
We had a pretty good day!
Along the rocky coast of Resurrection Bay, there were many areas where sea
lions would get out of the water to rest.
These are Steller sea lions. Large males can weigh
almost a ton and females weigh about 650 pounds. The
sea lions fish at night and haul out on the rocks during
the day to rest.
Resurrection Bay