I had a great time walking around on
the glacier, especially because it's
something that I can't do at home,
where it's too warm to have glaciers.
We hiked to Hidden Lake.
Here I am resting before we
start our trek off the glacier.
Here's the group I was with,
coming through a crevasse.
Although you're surrounded by
ice, it's amazing how warm you
feel when you're trekking on a
nice sunny day.

Notice that the people are
carrying poles. You use them to
help a bit with your balance and
also, when you come to wet
portions of the glacier, you can
check the water depth so you
don't step into anything too
Matanuska is an active glacier
that advances one foot per day.
It takes about 250 years for ice to
form at the top of the glacier in
the mountains and advance to the
end in the valley.
Matanuska Glacier