One of the fun things that I did in Alaska
was glacier trekking on Matanuska
Glacier, which is about a two hour drive
from Anchorage.
Matanuska Glacier is a valley glacier
about 24 miles long and four miles wide.
It starts in the mountains at about 12,000
feet and descends into the valley.
To walk on a glacier without
slipping, you need to wear
special equipment, called
crampons, that attach to your
boots. The crampons have
picks on them that dig into the
ice and help you to walk without
falling. (If you don't have your
own crampons, you can rent
them at the glacier.)
Here I am with my guide,
Chris, getting ready to walk
out on the glacier.
With crampons, you can walk up
steep slopes. You also wear a
helmet to protect your head in
case you fall.
Glacier Trekking