Denali National Park - Wildlife
At Denali National Park, I rode a
shuttle bus from the park entrance to
the Eielson Visitor Center (66 miles) in
hopes of viewing some wildlife. Since
wildlife is "wild," you never know if
you will see anything. In addition, you
can't get too close to the animals, so
most of the pictures are from a
distance. On my visit I did get to see
some caribou and moose.

On the right, I'm exercising on caribou
antlers at the Eielson Visitor Center.
On the left is a caribou that
wandered near the bus. Caribou
are related to reindeer.
If you look closely at the picture on
the right, a young moose is standing
in the water.
Although they were pretty
far from the road and hard
to see, below the green
mark is a cow moose and
her twins.
The pictures above show caribou in the river valley.
To the left is a view
towards Mount Kinley
(obscured by clouds) from
the Eielson Visitor Center).
Below is a view from
Polychrome Overlook.
I had a great time in Alaska and covered a lot of ground in the
five days that I was there. If you go to Alaska, I would
recommend that you spend more time there so that you can really
enjoy all the terrific scenery.

I would also like to thank my friend Jully M. for the use of some
of her pictures in my story.
If you have any questions or
comments about my visit to
Alaska, please send me an
To keep the animals from being
disturbed by traffic, you can't
drive your own car in the park.
You have to travel using the
park's shuttle bus.
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