L.J. Bear Goes to Alaska!
by L.J. Slaski
Copyright (c) 2002, story and photos
I had a wonderful June day to fly to
Alaska. Usually southeastern Alaska is
covered with clouds, but I had a clear
day and was able to enjoy a view of the
magnificent scenery.
Flying to Anchorage, the largest
city in Alaska, if the weather
permits, you can see snow
covered mountains as well as
sounds and inlets.
In downtown Anchorage, there is a statue
that marks the starting line of the Iditarod
dogsled race. During the race, dogs pull
sleds from Anchorage to Nome, a distance
of more than 1,000 miles.
There are also lots of souvenir
shops in Anchorage.
Alaska is the largest state in
terms of area with over 570,000
square miles. However, the
population of Alaska is only a
little more than 620,000 so there
is almost a square mile for
every person in the state.
Not only is Alaska big, but even the city of
Anchorage covers 1,955 square miles - almost
the area of Delaware!
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